Groose is the ancestor of the Gerudo…

The key defining traits of the Gerudo are red hair and golden eyes. All of them, with no known exceptions, have these traits. The generic guards and elite warriors in OoT and MM, Nabooru the Sage, Telma in TP… and, of course, Ganondorf in every one of his incarnations. Knowing this, what does Groose look like to you? The same red hair and golden eyes. 

Now, when Groose lands on the surface, the Old Woman tells him that he has a role to play in the Goddess’ prophecy. It’s clear his role is to aid Link in his struggle to contain and defeat Demise, but what if his role doesn’t end there? What if Demise’s curse upon the bloodlines of Link and Zelda extended to the others in the immediate vicinity, such as Groose?

Just as Link, Zelda, and Demise would be constantly reincarnated, so too would Groose. When the curse hypothetically took root in Groose, it fed off the angry emotions towards Link that Groose felt in the past. This anger and hatred would subtly pass down to every one of Groose’s ancestors, eventually manifesting completely in Ganondorf, who is born out of the curse.

Despite their eventual friendship, Groose unwittingly became the catalyst of Demise’s curse and doomed the future of Hyrule. Indeed, the Four that saved the world ages ago (Link, Zelda, Impa, and Groose) were all bound by the Demon King’s curse, doomed to be forever reincarnated, doomed to all fight the same battle again and again…

There is also a theory that Zelda, as Hylia, would have detected that Groose’s offspring were now damned to produce evil, and in order to slow the rise of this bloodline, cursed Groose to only produce female offspring. But Hylia’s power wouldn’t have negated Demise’s entirely, ensuring, eventually, evil would spring from the loins of Groose. To save face, Groose forced himself into exile in what would eventually become Lanayru Desert, which is how the Gerudo race evolved into what it became.

But there may be evidence to suggest that the Gerudo existed before the events of SS. However, with the Gerudo being nearly exclusively female, they must find males from other races to procreate with. Groose could have been one of such males, passing down the curse through the generations before it manifested in Ganondorf.

What do you think about this?

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Dark Link is Demise reborn from the Evil carried in Link’s Heart

There has been some speculation to the origins of Dark Link and what he represents. Some say he merely symbolises the idea of conquering one’s own demons and facing the personal challenges that keep one from succeeding. But I think there could be more to it than that.

In Ocarina of Time, Link wields the Master Sword for the first time since Skyward Sword and it is said that no evil can ever touch the Blade. But when Child Link first touched the Master Sword, suppose he was not completely pure of heart and what evil resided within him was purged from his body as he was the Hero of Time. At the end of Skyward Sword, Demise’s residual consciousness is absorbed into the Master Sword before it is sealed away so it can be cleansed over time. Suppose Demise wasn’t completely purged from the sword when Child Link touched it?

It is my belief that Demise was expelled from the blade along with what evil was in Link’s heart, forming Dark Link, when he touched it. Dark Link represents the reflection of evil that was within Link, amplified by the remnants of Demise. That’s why he’s in the water temple, Ganondorf had cursed the water in that room. You’ll notice that when you walk into that room you have a reflection in the water but after you pass the tree in the middle your reflection disappears. When you reach the locked door on the other side and turn around you see Dark Link standing by the tree and then the fight starts. To further this point, they share similar color schemes, black skin and clothes and red eyes. They also wield black perversions of the master sword.

So while Ganon/Ganondorf may be Demise’s anger and incarnation of hatred reborn, Dark Link is Demise himself reborn from the evil that was within Link. Ganondorf was just a ruthless and ambitious man at first, determined to do what it takes to secure power and a better life for his people. It’s only when Link releases the Master Sword (having never heard the legends about the demon sealed within), that Demise emerges and possesses Ganondorf, transforming him from an ambitious villain to a complete monster.

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